Terms & Conditions

I. Prices

The amount of work done as well as the final price is calculated based on the destination language. Therefore the total can only be calculated after the work has been completed. A standard translator's page contains 1500 characters (excluding spaces). It's approximately the same amount of information that fits on a single A4/Letter page, using Times New Roman font, size 12 and double spacing between lines. All printed symbols, including letters, numbers, punctuation marks and special characters count towards the total. The difference in total symbol count between source and destination languages occurs naturally, due to different length of words, expressions, and structure of sentences. 7-10% difference in symbol count between source and destination is considered normal, thus price fluctuations are to be expected. Discounted rates on repetitions are applied on an case by case basis.

The billable time for interpretation service starts from the arrival of an interpreter to the agreed location at the agreed time, and ends when the client informs the interpreter that his/her services are no longer required. If the client requires an interpreter longer than initially planned, extension terms must be agreed in advance or approved by MP Translations. Minimum time for an interpreting order is 30 minutes, but may be higher depending on the location of the event and the topic. If the interpreting takes place outside the home city of the interpreter, travel time and expenses will be calculated and added to the proposal. Cancellations of interpreting orders are accepted if made in advance, but only at discretion of MP Translations.

II. Delivery

Estimated completion time for any translation can only be determined upon inspection of the material. Preliminary estimates over the phone, chat or email are not binding. Delivery time may also change due to delay in payment and order confirmation by customer. MP Translations agency strives to provide timely delivery and accommodate customer needs to the maximum extent. With that said, please keep in mind that translation work is performed by human beings, and is not an automated process. Standard translator productivity is 5-8 pages of text per day. The output depends on language and complexity of the subject. Translators usually have projects in the pipeline and wait time is to be expected. Splitting a document between translators has a negative effect on quality and should be avoided. Rush orders usually leave little or no time for review. If a deadline is too short, there is a risk that the quality of the work will be affected. Please plan ahead and allow reasonable time for translation projects.

III. Quality

MT Translations hires only qualified and experienced translators. Our mission is on time delivery of top quality work. Customer satisfaction and long term relationship are of utmost importance to MP Translations. Unfortunately in the real world of tight schedules and high work loads the chances of making a mistake do exist. Any mistake is corrected in a timely manner at the expense of MP Translations and a discount may be provided on case-by-case basis. We would like to also point out that a language is not an exact science. Every translator has his/her own style, the same language varies depending on geographical region, the same thought can be expressed in a number of ways, and a word may have synonyms. Thus a translation may sound differently than customer expected, and still be correct. In order to achieve the best results we always encourage customers to state specific requirements for style and discuss terms ahead of time.

IV. Liability

MP Translations liability is limited to refunding the amount paid for the service. MP Translations cannot be held responsible for lost income or opportunities, as well as financial and non-financial losses resulting from disrupted travel or operations, or any other damages caused by translation mistakes, inaccuracies, late delivery or failure to deliver.

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