Formatting, layout and graphic design

text formatting

Aesthetics is one of the key element of an impeccable translation. Proper document layout makes it presentable and visually emphasizes the important segments of the information. Therefore formatting of the translation should closely resemble the source. Our translators always take care of the formatting and make sure that the layout is close to the original. Whenever possible we also transfer graphical elements such as logos.


MP Translation Agency: a properly formatted document
"Standard formatting" offered by most translation providers
Properly formatted translation
Translation without formatting



All translations done by MP Translation Agency are delivered properly formatted. Your diploma or certificate will look as good as the original, and there will be no extra charge.

Formatting and layout may even be as important as the translation itself. Visual appeal is critical in documents such as catalogues and booklets, user manuals, technical drawings or other documents with graphic elements. Sometimes, the document layout is especially complex and includes a lot of images, tables or diagrams. Handling of such documents requires professional graphic design skills. Format of deliverables often depends on the intended use: printing, electronic distribution or mobile-friendly layouts. The job can only be done by an experienced graphic designer using specialized tools such as Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, Correl Draw and alike.

The good old "cut & paste" trick is no help. The difference in character count between source and translation is often significant enough to distort the original formatting. As a rule of thumb, the translation does not fit in the allocated space. The layout of graphic elements needs to change and thus involvement of a professional graphic designer is a must.

Please contact us in advance if you intend to translate graphics-heavy materials and you do not have a graphics designer in-house. MP Translations will be happy to assist.

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