A lifetime would not be enough to learn all the languages. This is the reason you are on this page :)

Our mission is to help you understand and express your thoughts in any language. Basic knowledge of a couple foreign languages will get you though a vacation abroad or a night out with an international group. In most other activities you will discover that fluent communication is your key to success. Be it trade negotiations, scientific articles, user manuals, safety instructions, books and movies, news, agreements, there is either zero margin for errors, or a goal to capture and transfer exact mood and feelings. If something is lost in translation, it's a failure to communicate, often leading to poor business results, failed projects or personal disappointments. Therefore we work very hard to make sure nothing gets lost.

about MP Translation

Quick facts about MP Translations:

✔ Based in Kaunas, Lithuania

✔ Loves sushi, movies and chocolates

✔ Knows all the languages

✔ Does translations

The founder of MP Translations is Dovile Januskeviciute. The free-spirited multilingual muticulturalist who traveled the World for years before finally settling down in her home town in order to open a cool language school for kids. With the World getting smaller, the business grew and transitioned into an international translation agency. Dovile has the Masters degree in English Language, and also speaks German, Spanish and Russian. Despite being very liberal in most aspects, she is obsessed with keeping things in order and drives the entire MP Translations team crazy to double, triple and quadruple check each and every translation before handing over to clients.

You are probably wondering about the cute MP letters. It's an abbreviation for "Mazas Pasaulis" which means "Micro Planet" or "Small World" in Lithuanian. The company name was inspired by globalization, when you can travel anywhere, make friends or do business with people from far away, and immerse in their cultures. Translations has a catalytic affect on this shrinking world phenomena by helping information flow freely over language barriers. Hence MP Translation Agency! Check out our FaceBook or LinkedIN. Very likely we have some friends in common :)